Mandatory Fee Descriptions

Mandatory fees are intended to enhance and facilitate many aspects of campus life to include the following:

Academic Enhancement Fee

This fee is dedicated to University renovation, improvement and upgrade of classrooms, laboratories and other academic space.

Campus Recreation Fee

This fee supports a comprehensive recreation program, including intramurals, wellness and fitness programs, aquatics, sport clubs and informal recreation.

Clean/Renewable Energy or “Green” Fee

The fee will fund implementation of clean and renewable energy technologies and improvement of campus energy efficiency at Northeastern Illinois University. Some examples of the uses of this fee may include: a campus- wide energy audit, lighting efficiency improvements, alternate energy sources (solar panels), and recycling initiatives.

Computer Resource Fee

It is dedicated to the enhancement of computer services available to students. Such purposes shall include the addition of computer workstations, additional "smart classrooms", and increased access to all the networks and communications highway currently in place as well as those to be built in the future. There will be an increased availability of staff to assist students in learning to take advantage of the new and evolving technologies.

Health Service Fee

The fee enables the university to provide assessment and care for a wide range of student health concerns.

Online Course Fee

This fee supports infrastructure and operational costs involved in making online courses available to NEIU students.

Parking Fee

University students have three parking options: to participate in the Level 2 parking program, to participate in Level 1 parking, or to waive out of the parking program entirely. Students who choose to participate in Level 2 parking will be assessed the parking fee based on credit hours enrolled.

Performing Arts Fee

Helps support university theatre and dance productions and musical concerts.

Student Activity Fee

It is used to support the Student Government, student organizations and clubs, and the many activities, programs, media, and events sponsored by the above group.

Student Union Fee

Helps support the Student Union, which is the heart of the activity program on- campus. It is the scene of lectures, discussions, concerts, dances, meetings, and other activities. The facilities include food services, lounges, and meeting rooms.

U-Pass Fee

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) U-Pass is an unlimited ride pass offered to full-time NEIU students. The ride pass can be used anytime, anywhere on CTA buses and trains. The CTA U-Pass is a mandatory, non-refundable fee assessed to all full-time NEIU students.

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