Class Schedule Information/Abbreviations

The online Class Schedule lists all courses available. It includes undergraduate, graduate, and extension (off-campus) courses. Classes may be added, cancelled, or changed in this listing. The university reserves the right to limit class enrollment and cancel classes because of insufficient enrollment, budget limitations, lack of an appropriate instructor, or other unforeseen circumstances. Students are responsible for reviewing all information to ensure correct and valid registration.

Each course is designated by a three or four digit number identifying the individual course, a one, two, or three digit number indicating the specific section of that course, and a five digit course reference number (CRN). The three or four digit number that identifies the course indicates the level of complexity.

It is the responsibility of each student to enter the proper course reference number when registering. The course reference number is the key identifier for all registration activities. If you enter the wrong course reference number, your registration for that course may return a "Registration Add Error" message or you may be registered for the wrong course.

Explanation of Abbreviations in the Class Schedule

Days of the Week

M = Monday F = Friday
T = Tuesday S = Saturday
W = Wednesday U = Sunday
R = Thursday TBA = To Be Announced

Building Locations

AF Athletic Field (south of the Physical Education Complex)
B B (south) Wing - Building B
BBH Bernard Brommel Hall (formerly the Science Building, east side of campus at Catalpa)
C Jerome M. Sachs Administration Building - Building C
CBM College of Business and Management
CIS Jacob H. Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies, 700 E. Oakwood (700 East & 3940 South)
CTC Chicago Teachers’ Center, River North Plaza, 770 North Halsted
E Between west parking lot and Auditorium Building
EC El Centro, 3119 N. Pulaski Road
F Building F - Between west parking lot and Lech Walesa Hall
FA Fine Arts Center
J Building J
LIB Ronald Williams Library
LWH Lech Walesa Hall (on Bryn Mawr at Central Park)
PE Physical Education Complex (south end of campus)
TC Tennis Courts (east of Physical Education Bldg.)
ZUCG University Center of Lake County at Grayslake
1200 University Center Dr., Grayslake, IL

Course Levels

090 Developmental courses. Credit does not apply towards graduation. Hours and grades for these courses will not count in hours earned or in the grade point average.
100 Courses which are usually taken during the freshman year. Considered lower-division.
200 Courses are usually taken by sophomores. Considered lower-division.
300 Courses which are upper-division courses for advanced undergraduates and, under some conditions, graduate students
400 Courses for graduate students only. Undergraduate students graduating in May 2013, who wish to enroll in a 400-level course must contact the Graduate Records Office.
500 Courses for graduate students only

General Education Course Attributes

FA Fine Arts
HU Humanities
MA Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning
NS Natural Sciences
NSL Natural Sciences Lab
SB Social/Behavioral Sciences

Section Codes

Each individual section is designated by a one, two, or three digit combination of numbers and/or letters, which identify the specific section of that course. The letters used in some course sections serve as unique information related to that section. In addition, multiple letters may be used for one section (e.g. WL1 – Weekend Institute section meeting at El Centro campus). A general guideline to the section coding system is listed below.

C# Contract course sections
G# Grant course sections
J# Meets at Jacob H. Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies campus
L# Meets at El Centro campus
W# Weekend Institute sections
X# Extension course sections (Meet at designated off-campus locations, such as University Center of Lake County at Grayslake)

Test Prerequisite Codes

A01 ACT English
A02 ACT Mathematics
AEDU Admission to the College of Education
ICAT Illinois Content Area List
RDS1 Read Sequence 1 Evaluation
RDS2 Read Sequence 2 Evaluation
UEPR NEIU English Placement -Reading
UEPW NEIU English Placement -Writing
UFRN NEIU French Placement -Score
UMPR NEIU Mathematics Placement - Result
UMPS NEIU Mathematics Placement - Score
USPN NEIU Spanish Placement -Score
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