Contact Information:
Parking Facility NE Side, 1st Floor
773-442-4114 or 773-442-4117

Office Hours Open Closed
Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. 9 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. 5 p.m.

Parking Fees

Students who desire to participate in Level 1 must sign a waiver form to opt out of the Level 2 parking program and independently purchase a Level 1 parking permit (forms obtained in the Cashier’s Office). Students that do not want to participate in the parking program must sign a waiver form to opt out of the program. A waiver form for this purpose may be printed from the Current Student tab by clicking on Parking Waiver Form in the Parking Information channel in NEIUport. It is also available at the Cashier's Office (D-101A). Once a student permit has been issued, it can be viewed online and coverage is effective immediately. All permits must be properly displayed within 7 business days from the mail-out/issue date.

Parking Permit Information

  • The last day to opt out of the mandatory parking fee is January 21, 2014.
  • Students who choose to participate in parking on campus must first register for classes and then register their vehicle online at

Parking Registration Application

The Parking Office is located at the NE side of the Parking Facility on the 1st Floor. Any vehicle parked in the university parking lot must be registered, parking fee paid and decal properly displayed as outlined in our Parking Rules and Regulations at

Permits Required 24 Hours Every Day

A valid NEIU parking permit or decal will be required in all parking lots, during all hours of the day.

Fee Payment

All student parking permit fees should be paid at the Cashier's Office (D-101A). Each semester after registering for your classes, you must register your vehicles(s) online at the following Northeastern Illinois University Parking website, in order to receive a permit. All permits must be picked up in person and signed for. Permit Distribution is as follows:

  • First week of classes: Tables in the Village Square or at the location designated during the online vehicle process
  • Second week: Thereafter at the location designated online

Students may check the status of their permit by selecting the “Where’s My Permit?” link on the Parking Office home page at Any vehicle not properly displaying a permit by the beginning of the third full week of classes is subject to being fined.

The university provides parking for all students, faculty and staff. Cars parked on the surrounding residential streets in areas designated for Zone 1 parking will be ticketed by the Chicago Police Department.

Parking Lot Information: Permits and Term Options

Level 1

Lots A & C (see campus map)
All vehicles must display a valid parking permit or decal designated for Level 1 lots. Level 1 parking permits and decals are valid in all identified legal parking spaces in Level 2 lots also, except handicap spaces.
Level 1 Parking Fees Semester: $379.00

Level 2

All other lots
All vehicles must display a valid parking permit or decal designated for Level 1 or Level 2 lots. Level 2 parking permits and decals are not valid in regular spaces for Level 1 lots.
Level 2 Parking Fees: $12.50 per credit hour

Handicap Parking

Identified spaces in each lot
Parking in the handicapped spots on campus requires the display of a valid Level 1 or Level 2 University parking permit in conjunction with a state issued Persons with Disabilities license plate or hanging placard or a temporary NEIU Handicapped Parking placard.

The Student Health Services Office will issue temporary NEIU Handicapped Parking placards that are valid only for short term handicapped parking for up to three weeks. Remember that both the NEIU permit and the Persons with Disabilities plate/placard must be properly displayed when parked in a university handicapped spot. Please call Student Health Services at 773-442-5800 with any questions.


Special motorcycle parking is available in Lot D and in the Parking Facility on levels two through five. Purchase and distribution of special motorcycle/motor bike decals are available at the Parking Office.


All refunds are given in accordance with University tuition deadline dates and percentages. The parking decal must be returned to the Parking Office at the time you completely withdraw from classes.

Daily Parking Options

Daily Parking Pass

A Daily Parking Pass costs $5 per day and must be purchased on a daily, as-needed basis from the DAILY PERMIT MACHINE located in the H lot (at the South end of campus in Level 2) or from the Parking Office in the Parking Facility on the first floor. The machine will accept credit card payments as well as cash.

Parking Meters

Parking meters have a 30 minute time limit. Parking permits are not valid at meters.

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