Tuition Guarantee Plan

In 2003, the Illinois General Assembly amended the Northeastern Illinois University Act to include a four-year tuition guarantee for new undergraduate students beginning with the Fall 2004 semester. The purpose of the Act is to assist students and their families, at the beginning of the college experience, to be aware of what the costs of college tuition will be for the next four years. The Tuition Guarantee Plan applies to all newly enrolled undergraduate students, including transfers, and guarantees the same tuition rate for four continuous academic years. The Tuition Guarantee Plan applies only to tuition. The Tuition Guarantee Plan does not apply to fees.

Tuition Guarantee Plan Classification

For each student, the Tuition Guarantee Plan begins with the first term of enrollment. Under the Tuition Guarantee Plan, the tuition rate for new undergraduate students first enrolling at NEIU in the Fall 2004, or thereafter, will be held constant for four continuous academic years.

New Students

The Tuition Guarantee Plan applies to all newly enrolled undergraduate students (freshman, transfers, and students-at-large) seeking their first bachelor’s degree beginning with the Fall semester 2004, or thereafter, and will be effective for four continuous academic years. Newly enrolled is defined as undergraduate students seeking their first bachelor’s degree and registered for at least one class on or after the first day of the term. The four-year tuition guarantee expires at the end of the term (Fall, Spring, or Summer) immediately preceding the four-year anniversary of the student’s initial enrollment. (For example, students who enter the Summer 2013 semester will be guaranteed their tuition through the Spring 2017 term).

Extension to Tuition Guarantee Plan

Beginning in the Fall 2010 term, undergraduate students who previously qualified for the Tuition Guarantee Plan, as defined above, will now qualify for two additional years of guaranteed tuition. The tuition rate for the additional two years is equal to the amount charged to undergraduate students seeking their first Bachelor’s degree who initially enrolled in the academic year following the students with the additional tuition guarantee. For example, students who first enrolled in Fall 2007 had their tuition guaranteed at the same rate through Summer 2011, and now will have their tuition rate guaranteed for two additional consecutive academic years at the rate charged to students who first enrolled in Fall 2008.

Students Whose Guarantee Expires

The Tuition Guarantee Plan as described above will expire after six continuous years following initial enrollment, or upon completion of a bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first.

Readmitted Students

Students who withdraw for any reason, other than being called up for active military service, and re-enroll will retain the guarantee rate they had when they withdrew from the university. The tuition guarantee will not be extended as a result of withdrawal.

Full-time or Part-time

The determination of eligibility for the Tuition Guarantee Plan is not affected by full-time or part-time enrollment status; all new undergraduates are included.

Students Changing Majors

The Tuition Guarantee Plan expiration date will not change for students changing their major.

Questions concerning this policy can be directed to either Enrollment Services or Bursar Services.

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