Improving Human Relations Requirement

House Bill Number 0094 of the 87th General Assembly of the State of Illinois requires:

"each public institution of higher education to include, in the general education requirements for obtaining a degree, course work on improving human relations to include race, ethnicity, gender and other issues related to improving human relations to address racism and sexual harassment on their campuses, through existing courses.”

Option 1: Courses

The following courses will fulfill this graduation requirement:

Course Gen Ed Attribute Course Title
AFAM-200 SB Intro to African and African-American Studies
ANTH-212 SB Intro to Cultural Anthropology
CMTC-100 HU Introduction to Communication
GES-104 SB Introduction to Geography
ICSE-201 History and Culture of Ethnic Groups in America
LING-120 HU Language and Human Behavior
LLAS-201 WIP: Culture and History of Latinos
PHIL-213 HU Ethics
PSCI-210 SB Introduction to Political Science
PSCI-216 SB American National Government
SOC-100 SB Introduction to Sociology
SOC-105 SB Women, Men, and Social Change
WLC-200A Intro to Arab Culture
WLC-200B Intro to Brazilian Culture
WLC-200C Intro to Chinese Culture
WLC-200F Intro to French and Francophone Cultures
WLC-200I Intro to Italian Culture
WLC-200J Intro to Japanese Culture
WLC-200L Intro to Latin American Cultures
WGS-101 HU Women’s Perspectives and Values

Option 2: Major/Minor Program

Students who complete one of the following programs of study have met the HB 0094 requirement. The study of the sources of conflict and the improvement of human relations is infused into the course work of these major and minor programs.

Anthropology major/minor
Bilingual/Bicultural Education major
Geography major
History major
Inner City Studies major
Justice Studies major/minor
Latino and Latin American Studies major/minor
Philosophy major/minor
Political Science major/minor
Social Work major/minor
Sociology major/minor
Women’s and Gender Studies major/minor

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