General Education List of Approved Honors Courses

Below is a list of approved honors courses that count toward general education.

Course Subject / Number Course Title
ZANT-215 Honors: Human Origins: Intro Bio Anth
ZART-106 Honors: Introduction to Art History
ZART-170D Honors: Studio Exper: Metals & Jewelry
ZBIO-100 Honors: Introduction to Biology (Lab)
ZCHM-110 Honors: Chemical Concepts (Lab)
ZECO-215 Honors: Principles of Macroeconomics
ZENG-201 Honors: World of Poetry
ZENG-202 Honors: World of Drama
ZENG-203 Honors: World of Fiction
ZESC-121 Honors: Introduction to Earth Science (Lab)
ZGES-104 Honors: World Geography
ZHIS-111B Honors: Western Civilization: 1500 A.D. to Present
ZHON-191 Honors: Introduction to the Performing and Fine Arts
ZHON-192 Honors: Introduction to the Humanities
ZHON-193 Honors: Introduction to Social Sciences
ZHON-194 Honors: Introduction to the Sciences
ZLIN-120 Honors: Language and Human Behavior
ZMUS-104 Honors: Musical Concepts: An Introduction
ZPHI-101 Honors: Critical Thinking
ZPHI-213 Honors: Ethics
ZPHY-110 Honors: Physics in Everyday Life(Lab)
ZPSC-216 Honors: American National Government
ZPSY-100 Honors: Survey of Psychology
ZSOC-100 Honors: Introduction to Sociology
ZTHE-130 Honors: Introduction to the Theatre
ZWGS-101 Honors: Women's Perspectives and Values
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