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El Centro

About El Centro

El Centro is one of Northeastern Illinois University’s locations. It is a focal point for the Latino community and provides educational opportunities within a culturally comfortable and easily accessible setting. Northeastern Illinois University El Centro offers the general education program of the University to students who are interested in taking classes primarily during the evening hours and/or weekends.

The staff at El Centro assist prospective students and their families with the admission and financial aid processes to get started on their academic journey at Northeastern. El Centro offers undergraduate courses leading to the bachelor’s and master’s degrees and provides comprehensive academic support and co-curricular programs for students. El Centro serves nontraditional, part-time and returning adult student populations as well as traditional first-year and transfer students.

In collaboration with community-based organizations, El Centro serves the community through bilingual (English and Spanish) outreach programs in the areas of education, health, housing and technology, in addition to non-credit workshops in English as a Second Language (ESL). Northeastern Illinois University El Centro Community Education Program seeks to improve the lives of Latinos living in the Avondale, Hermosa and Logan Square communities and surrounding neighborhoods.

In keeping with Northeastern’s mission, El Centro provides a quality education at an affordable price.

Programs and Services

The caring staff who are part of the Northeastern Illinois University El Centro family are dedicated to helping students reach their academic, personal and professional goals. We offer a wealth of services to support the student’s academic growth. This is done by way of a holistic academic support program that provides tutoring, academic workshops and mentoring opportunities. Some of our signature programs are the Developing Active Leaders in Education (D.A.L.E.), the Summer Transition Program (STP), GUidance, Inspiration and Academic Support (GUIAS) Program, and a variety of co-curricular offerings.

While academic work may be the most important aspect of your life at Northeastern, it doesn’t have to be the only one. There are many opportunities for you to participate in one of the more than 100 student clubs and intramural sports at Northeastern. Students can also take part in the Serve and Learn Program at El Centro, which provides students with the opportunity to be civically engaged on or off campus. This program enhances the engagement of students at El Centro and provides them with experiences that help them grow professionally.

El Centro is a “home away from home” where students are able to find their calling and reach their highest potential.

Admissions Requirements

Northeastern Illinois University El Centro observes the general admissions criteria of the University for freshman and transfer students. Students that do not meet the general admissions criteria, but who demonstrate academic potential may be considered for alternative admission to Northeastern.


To be admitted to Northeastern one of the following needs to be true:

  • Admission is based on an applicant's Admission Decision Score. This score is calculated as follows:
    (ACT Composite) (10) + (CUM GPA) (200) = ADS

    Applicants with an admission decision score of 649 or higher meet full admission requirements. Applicants with an Admission Decision Score between 550 and 648 meet admission requirements and are eligible for admission through our Wentworth Scholars program.


  • Passed the GED (meets above requirements).

In addition, you need to have studied in high school:

  • 4 years of English 3 years of Math/Computers Science
  • 3 years of Natural Sciences
  • 3 years of Social Sciences
  • 2 years of Fine Arts.

These are the minimum requirements for graduating from high school.

To apply, you must submit an application and fee, along with all documents and materials identified in the ‘Freshman Applicants’ portion of the Northeastern admission application. 


You are eligible for admissions if you have earned a cumulative “C” average for all college work attempted and are in “good standing” at the last college attended on a full-time basis.

If you have earned less than thirty semester hours of college credit, you must also meet the freshmen admissions requirements.

Students graduating with an approved Illinois Community College Board model A.A. or A.S. degree will be granted junior standing and will have fulfilled Northeastern’s general education requirements.

To apply, you must submit an application and fee, along with all documents and materials identified in the ‘Transfer Applicants’ portion of the Northeastern admission application.

Future Students

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