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How to Apply?

Begin by either filling out our application online or download and print a paper application.

Apply Online                               Download an Application

The application process and admission requirements at Northeastern vary depending on applicant type. Before filling out an application, please learn more about our requirements and deadlines below.

When to Apply?

Whether you apply online or submit your application by mail, it is important to meet our application deadline. Deadlines vary for degree seeking, non-degree seeking and international students.

Domestic Applicant Deadlines
International Applicant Deadlines
Student-at-Large Deadlines
Fall - July 15
Spring - November 1
Summer I - April 1
Summer II* - May 1
      *Undergraduates only
Fall - June 15
Spring - October 1
Summer I - March 1
Summer II*- April 1
          *Undergraduates only
Fall - July 15
Spring - November 15
Summer I - May 15
Summer II - June 15

Admission Requirements and Documents

Northeastern Illinois University admission requirements vary by applicant type. Select an applicant type below to see the admission criteria and required documents.

Application Tips

Apply early

As the deadline approaches, we receive a higher volume of applications which results in slower response time. On average, you will hear back from us within 2-3 weeks of submitting a complete application.

Apply online

Why wait for mail delivery when we receive your application online within 24 hours?

Make sure your transcripts are official

Official means that the transcript must be issued to Northeastern Illinois University and be received by our Admissions Office in a sealed, stamped envelope from your high school or college.

Ask questions

If you are unsure about which application to complete or which box to check, contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at (773) 442-4050 or the Graduate Admissions Office at (773) 442-6001. You may also visit our campus and speak with an Admissions Counselor.

Decision and Review Process

Your application is considered complete when the Admissions Office has received all required application materials, including official transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, immigration documents, if required, or proof of degree. International applications require additional documentation.

Please refer to Undergraduate Application Instructions  or Graduate Application Instructions and Additional Information and Program codes for full details.

Applications are reviewed in date order based on the date the file is complete. Please read the instructions carefully for your applicant type to avoid processing delays.

Defer your application or admission

Somtimes, things come up. If you've applied or were admitted to Northeastern Illinois University, but must delay your application or admission to a later semester, you may do so. You can defer your application or admission for up to one year. Read the Deferment of Application or Admission form for more details.

How to Apply

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