Presentations & Publications

Selected Presentations and Publications

Eames, A.L. ( 2009, October). Case Study: Finding the Right Assessment Tools for a First-Year Program. Assessment Institute, Indianapolis, IN.

Eames, A. L. (2009). General education profiles: Using direct and indirect evidence in general education assessment. In T.W. Banta, E.A. Jones, & K.E. Black (Eds.), Designing effective assessment: Principles and profiles of good practice (pp. 75-79). San Francisco, CA.: Jossey-Bass.

Eames, A. (2006). “A multicultural exercise in leadership skills,” in Bright Teaching Ideas (Ed: Edmund Hansen). Chicago: Center for Teaching and Learning.

Eames, A. (2006, April). Guidelines for the Use of External Evaluators. Northeastern Illinois University.

Eames, A. (2006, February). Designing Effective Surveys. A series of three workshops developed for faculty and university leaders who will use survey tools as one method in course or program assessment. Northeastern Illinois University.

Eames, A. (2005). Conflict Resolution for Leaders. A multimedia presentation developed for use by academic and business leaders and presented as part of several faculty development efforts.

Bannister, S., Berlin, L., Chauncey, B., Eames, A. (2004, September 9). General Education Assessment Plan, Northeastern Illinois University.

Eames, A. in collaboration with the Language Skills Assessment Task Force. (2005, April 21). Strengthening Student Writing at NEIU: History and a Plan for Action.

Eames, A. (2003, February). Learning Outcome Highlights: Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analyses and Synthesis, Title V Student Data, Fall 2002. Center for Teaching and Learning, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago.

Eames, A. (2002, July). Merit Aid Policy Development in Liberal Arts Colleges. Paper presented at the annual conference of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, New Orleans.

Eames, A. (2001, September 22). Seasoned Learners: Characteristics of Adult Learners and Implications for Teaching and Learning. Faculty Development Workshop, Kendall College, Evanston, Illinois.

Eames, A. (1998, January 9). Sexual Harassment Policy and Legal Implications: Training for Residence Life Staff. Loyola University Chicago.

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