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Application Checklist

Application Deadline:

International students (F or J) who require the form I-20 must complete their application one month prior to the deadlines. Application deadlines for all others are:

  • November 1 for the Spring semester

  • April 1 for the Summer semester

  • July 1 for the Fall semester

Please note:

Application deadlines for the M.A. in Counseling programs are:
March 15 for the Fall semester
August 15 for the Spring semester

The following programs admit for Fall semester only:
M.A. in Communication, Media and Theatre
M.A. in History
M.S. in Exercise Science
M.A. in Special Education
M.S. in Special Education

Application Checklist:

All applicants must submit the following to Graduate Admissions:

  1. Application Form: The applicant must complete and sign an application form.

  2. Application Fee: A $30 application fee is required. Checks, bank drafts, or money orders should be made payable to Northeastern Illinois University. These fees cannot be waived and are required before your application will be reviewed. These fees are nonrefundable and are not applicable to any other University fee or bill.

  3. Statement of Goals and Objectives: The applicant must provide a personal statement discussing reasons for graduate study.

  4. Transcripts and Exams: Official transcripts and examination scores (if required by the program) must be in sealed envelopes from the sending college or institution. Opened transcripts are not considered official. Courses taken at colleges outside of the United States must be evaluated by Educational Credentials Evaluators, Inc (ECE). The Subject Analysis or Course-by-Course evaluation is required. For more information, visit

  5. Letter of Recommendation: All applicants must submit two letters of recommendation on the forms provided for this purpose. They must enclose these letters in envelopes signed and sealed by the authors of the letters. These letters should be from persons who can attest to your qualifications, eg. your professors or employers. One letter should be from a former professor if you have been out of school for less than five years.

  6. Specific Program Requirements: Individual programs may have additional requirements, such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or additional letters of recommendation among other possible requirements. For more information, download "Additional Required Documents."

  7. International Applicants: International Applicants must submit additional documents in support of their application. Please refer to the International Applicants section for full details.