Components of Review

Program reviews are a collaborative activity involving program faculty, coordinators, chairs, the Deans, external reviewers and are coordinated and supported through the OAPR. The program review process takes about a year to complete. Each review consists of:

  1. a comprehensive internal self-study
  2. an external scan, which together with the comprehensive internal self-study culminates in a well written self-study report by the program that is shared with faculty, administration, and external reviewers.
  3. an external review, which includes review of the self-study report, public documents regarding the program and an extensive on-campus visit to the program by an approved external reviewer, and results in a concise report by the external reviewer.
  4. an executive summary

Prior to beginning the review, the Executive Director of the OAPR conducts orientation meetings and departmental meetings for all programs undergoing review for the current year during the months of September and October. Follow-up meetings and consultations are held throughout the year. External reviewer visits are typically scheduled during the second semester.f

Once the external reviewer’s report is received, the Executive Director of the OAPR invites program faculty, staff and administration to a meeting to discuss the findings and plans for improvement. Minutes of this meeting are sent to all participants in this process.

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