President's Message

President HahsI have invited Vice President George Wallman to share information about a new initiative within Student Life. The creation of an Advisory Board for Student Life is just one example of the way Dr. Wallman and the division of Student Life connects with our students.

The Division of Student Life is experimenting with the development of an Advisory Board for Student Life. This pilot project started off with its first meeting at the end of February. The Board is made up of a majority of students, some staff and faculty plus members of the vice president's cabinet. There are several purposes for this group including providing students with an opportunity to learn how to run and manage an advisory board, giving students access to the highest levels of the administration (at times other vice presidents, deans or administrators might be invited to meet on topics students have selected), and it is a place to get information or provide feedback to the vice president on topics brought before the Board.

Students generate topics for discussion, and the vice president might ask for advice regarding the possibility of a change in Student Life. Discussions take place about how to move forward with new projects and how to enhance already existing initiatives. It is anticipated that two more meetings will be held this semester. At the end of the semester members of the Board will make recommendations for next year and will provide feedback about whether or not to continue with this group.

The initial meeting was an orientation to the Division of Student Life and included information about organizational structure, how the Division is funded, and how many staff and what functions are aligned to what administrators. There was time for students to raise questions, obtain some answers or to suggest topics for another meeting.

We are looking forward to our students experiencing the next meetings and getting a better understanding of how such a group can enhance the relationship between students and the administration in the future. Students will have control over how this Advisory Board is shaped to match the unique environment of NEIU and its students.


Sharon Hahs

March 2011