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The process of graduation is separate from participation in the commencement ceremony. Students in Master's degree programs at NEIU must apply for graduation by completing the Application for Graduation and submit it by the application filing deadline as indicated below. The application form is currently available online or may be picked up in the Graduate Admissions and Records Office (D101-D).

Students pursuing the THESIS OPTION must submit the final approved thesis to Graduate Admissions and Records no later than the final day of classes.

Download the Thesis Manual.

*If you are unable to come to Graduate Admissions and Records, please contact us at 773-442-6005 for alternative arrangements.

The records of applicants (including courses completed, comprehensive examination results, thesis documents, official transcripts, transfer/waiver course approvals, GRE/GMAT/ITBS score results and other necessary documents) will be verified by the Graduate Admissions and Records office. If they are not present in a student's official file, the applicant will be notified. All required documents must be accounted for before a student's degree is conferred. The absence of any document will prevent a student's graduation in the term requested. However, participation in the commencement ceremony may be permitted.

The conferral of a Master's degree results in the designation on a student's transcript and the awarding of an official diploma. The process of verification, conferral and receipt of the official transcript and diploma begins with the application process and concludes with the notification to the student that the transcript/diploma is available for pick-up in the office of Graduate Admissions and Records. Conclusion of this process is usually 7-8 weeks following the commencement ceremony. A student who has completed all degree requirements that have been verified by the the Graduate Admissions and Records office may request a Degree Verification Letter from Graduate Admissions and Records in writing. Information regarding this process is sent to the graduation applicants in the Status Letter sent by Graduate Admissions and Records.

Information regarding the participation in the Commencement Ceremony is sent to all applicants by the University Events office. Applying for graduation will constitute notification to this office of your possible participation in the ceremony. You are not required to attend commencement in order to graduate. However, participation in the commencement ceremony is an opportunity to conclude your Master's degree studies in a meaningful and enjoyable way. We encourage all eligible students to participate in commencement.

Semester All Degree Requirements Will Be Completed Filing Deadline Dates

May 2014

Application Past Due.  Please speak with the Graduate Records Office.

August 2014

February 1 - April 1, 2014

December 2014

March 15 - May 15, 2014

May 2015

September 1 - November 1, 2014

Applications are currently available from Graduate Admissions and Records (D101-D), and from the link below. Graduation applications that are submitted late may not be processed in time for inclusion in a particular semester's graduation.

 Graduation Application

Should it become necessary for you to change your graduation date, please use the Change of Graduation Date form so that the office of Graduate Admissions and Records can update its records regarding your new graduation term.

Change of Graduation Date form