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Master of Science in Biology

The Master of Science in Biology program is designed to serve those interested in or needing advanced training to fulfill their career goals in applied or basic biological research and/or teaching. The program provides a sound basis for further graduate or professional studies. The Biology M.S. is a broadly based program of study allowing students to tailor courses to suit their interests. Laboratory skills are integral to many careers that require the Biology M.S.; thus, students are encouraged to include as many courses that have a lab component in their course of study as possible. Areas of study include genetics, molecular biology, morphology/taxonomy, physiology, and ecology.

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Master of Science in Chemistry

The Master of Science in Chemistry program provides graduate education for students planning careers in industry, business and teaching or those planning additional graduate work or professional studies. Two options in the program are available, the Separation Science emphasis, and the traditional General Program emphasis.

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Master of Arts in Communication, Media and Theatre

The Master of Arts in Communication, Media and Theatre program is designed to provide advanced study of communication research and the principles and practices of communication, media, and theatre. All newly admitted students begin coursework in the fall semester.

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Master of Science in Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science focuses on preparing students to be at the forefront of the Information Age. Courses focus on information systems, network security, software engineering, bioinformatics and business intelligence.

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Master of Arts in English

Students pursuing the M.A. in English choose between two degree concentrations: Literature or Composition. The two-track curriculum provides two separate fields of study within English, offering multiple career opportunities as well as preparing students for doctoral work.

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Master of Arts in Geography and Environmental Studies

The Master of Arts in Geography and Environmental Studies is a 33-hour program offered in the evening hours and weekends. The program is both theoretical and practical; students gain knowledge, conceptual skills, and technical skills. The program provides a solid basis for a career, a career shift, career enhancement, or preparation for post-graduate studies.

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Graduate Program in Gerontology

The mission of the graduate Gerontology Program is to contribute to the quality of life of older adults through education, research, and community service.  To that end, the program seeks to train practitioners through a broad education in the history, characteristics, and circumstances of this older population and prepare them to make a contribution to direct service, advocacy, and research.  As such, this program is appropriate for individuals working in the field, for those seeking professional-level entry into the field, and also for those whose interest is in studying aging for their own academic or personal growth.

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Master of Arts in History

The Department of History is committed to providing all students with a historical perspective in its graduate courses so they can better understand the present and can look to the future with knowledge of the past. The department offers a comprehensive range of courses that explore human history at all times and places. The acquisition of historical skills can prepare students for a wide range of careers.

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Master of Arts in Latin American Literatures and Cultures

The Master of Arts in Latin American Literatures and Cultures at NEIU offers students the opportunity to engage in a theoretically informed exploration of a wide range of Latin American cultural forms of expression, including literature, film, music, and art.  The program emphasizes the development of critical thinking and research skills in the Humanities, as well as written and oral proficiency in Spanish at the advanced level.  These skills, in turn, enhance students' ability to work with Latin American and U.S. Latina/o populations in linguistically and culturally appropriate ways.

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Master of Arts in Linguistics

The Linguistics Department offers a Master of Arts in general and applied linguistics. Students are trained to critically examine and analyze the world within and around them through language. Our dynamic curriculum combines core studies in the structure of language (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics) with current approaches in sociolinguistics, language acquisition, psycholinguistics, language contact and bilingualism, World Englishes, endangered languages, discourse analysis, and identity. Our language documentation and revitalization strand focus on Native American languages, with special focus on Siouan languages.

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Master of Science in Mathematics: Applied Mathematics Concentration

The Master of Science in Applied Mathematics is designed for those with a strong undergraduate background in mathematics who wish to better prepare themselves for careers in applied mathematics or college teaching of mathematics. We constantly examine our curriculum to make our course offering better connected with the job market requirements. The program is designed so that the student can concentrate in an area of applied mathematics, statistics, or operational research. Courses are scheduled to accommodate the evening student.

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Master of Science in Mathematics: Secondary Education Concentration

The M.S. in Mathematics (Secondary Education Concentration) prepares students to successfully teach mathematics in secondary or high schools. It is designed for teachers who wish to improve their level of competence in mathematics, to serve as Secondary School Mathematics Specialists, or to be teachers of secondary or high school mathematics.

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Master of Arts in Music: Applied Music Pedagogy Program

The graduate program in music offers a Master of Arts degree in applied music pedagogy (the art of teaching). It serves (1) students preparing for college-level teaching, (2) students preparing for advanced graduate studies (D.M.A, Ph.D.), and (3) elementary and secondary private studio teachers. The core classes of the degree are advanced seminars in pedagogy and repertoire, culminating in a thesis project and recital pertinent to the student's primary instrument.

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Master of Arts in Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Teaching Elementary and Middle School Mathematics

The Master of Arts in Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Teaching Elementary and Middle School Mathematics program is mathematics-content oriented with a focus on content-specific pedagogy, mathematics teaching in diverse settings, and current Illinois educator and student standards. Students study elementary and middle school mathematics content from an advanced perspective, exploring the underlying concepts with the goal of improving their teaching of elementary and middle school mathematics. Courses are scheduled to accommodate the evening student.

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Master of Arts in Political Science

The Department of Political Science offers graduate coursework in three areas of emphasis: International Relations and Comparative Politics; American Politics and Public Affairs; and Political Theory. Our aim is to provide an overview of political science as a discipline of knowledge, one that examines different aspects of political and social life. Students and professors in our program form a community of scholars and students learn from each other in discussion-oriented seminars. These seminars provide opportunities for specialized study through research projects, and teach students quantitative and interpretive skills. This knowledge and these tools can be applied in a variety of professional contexts.

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Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language

The M.A. in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language gives students an understanding of the nature of language, culture, instruction, assessment, and professionalism, and their interrelationships. The M.A. in TESL/TEFL prepares one to teach English in the U.S. (in public and private schools, as well as in city and community colleges and adult education programs) or overseas.

English language learners are the fastest growing group of students in the United States today.

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