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Student learning is assessed at many levels at Northeastern – program, college, and the University. The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is a repository of assessment data collected across the University and resources to support assessment efforts.

At Northeastern Illinois University, the main purpose of assessment is to improve student learning and development. To do this we:

1. Review learning and teaching goals and outcomes to assure that these are clearly stated and congruent with the University’s strategic goals;

2. Use qualitative and quantitative measures to analyze program activities to ensure that these support the intended student learning outcomes;

3. Review results to examine where improvements can be made;

4. Develop funding requests based on data analysis and review of assessment results to link with the internal budget cycle, grant support, and strategic planning processes,

5. Develop and implement changes in policies, resource support, program activities, or curricular/co-curricular re-design to improve student learning outcomes.

6. Repeat the assessment cycle to assure that modifications improve student learning and development

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

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