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Quick Facts About Northeastern

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Did you know?

• Northeastern has 10,000 students enrolled across four various campuses
• The average class size is 19
• Northeastern a four-year public institution recognized as a Hispanic-Serving Institution in the Midwest region
• 75% of classes are taught by full-time professors
• Students have an opportunity to be involved in more than 70 student organizations and intramural clubs
• Northeastern’s Main Campus spans 67 acres
• Northeastern’s mascot is the Golden Eagle and school colors are Blue and Gold
• Northeastern was originally founded in 1867 as Cook County’s first teacher-training institution
• Student to faculty ratio is 16 to 1

Quick Facts - About

Northeastern Illinois University traces its origins to 1867, when it was founded as the first teacher-training college in Cook County. Since then it has changed its name and location and broadened its mission.

Today Northeastern is a comprehensive university serving 10,000 students at four locations in the metropolitan Chicagoland area.

Quick Facts - Our Values

As a public institution of higher education, Northeastern Illinois University is committed to a set of shared values that, taken collectively, guides our actions and interactions as we work together to prepare graduates for the responsible exercise of citizenship. We, the NEIU community, believe it is critical for our democracy to create a space in which the commitment to these values results in a thriving educational community that transforms the lives of all. As we take stock of the present and look to the future, these values serve as the touchstone for planning how we will best achieve the educational mission entrusted to us.


NEIU is accountable to those we serve and to those from whom we receive support. We are committed to honesty, respect, and transparency in our words and our actions. In that regard, we work to be good stewards of the resources we are entrusted to use. This includes human, physical, fiscal, and environmental resources.


In our pursuit of and commitment to excellence, we value the highest quality of learning and teaching, scholarship, and service. We value opportunities and experiences that support personal and professional development for all members of our community. In all that we say and do, we are committed to the process and products of excellence.

Access to Opportunity

NEIU values access to opportunity; we value a welcoming environment which provides appropriate support as well as encourages mutual responsibility for and commitment to learning.


NEIU values the inclusion of a broad spectrum of students, staff, and faculty in the life of the University. We celebrate and foster global perspectives. We encourage the open and respectful expression of ideas and differences in thoughts, experiences, and opinions.


As a commuter institution, NEIU has a special obligation to provide an environment that is supportive, nurturing, and participatory. Such an environment is characterized by civility, fostering humanity and engagement, and creates a sense of community through inclusion, mutual respect, and empowerment. NEIU values our metropolitan setting as a laboratory for learning, and we foster partnerships for learning, research, and service throughout this dynamic region to promote the public good.

Empowerment Through Learning

NEIU is dedicated to creating a culture that provides life-long learning opportunities for all members of the University community. We are especially committed to transforming students' lives by engaging them in an educational experience that empowers them to graduate with the skills and knowledge to become effective leaders and citizens in their personal and professional lives.

Quick Facts - Our Rankings and Distinctions

  • NEIU one of the most diverse universities in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report.
  • We are a federally-designated Hispanic-Serving Institution due to our large population (34.8%) of Latino students.
  • NEIU is the ONLY four-year public Hispanic-Serving Institution in the Midwest.
  • We rank 11th in the nation for baccalaureate degrees in Education by Latinos, according to Diverse magazine.
  • We are #1 in the nation for master's degrees in Ethnic Studies by African Americans, according to Diverse magazine.

Quick Facts - Our Faculty

75% of all courses at Northeastern Illinois University are taught by full-time faculty members. 70% of our full-time faculty members have earned a Ph.D. or other terminal degree. Our faculty are known for their commitment to excellence, and many have trained or taught at Ivy League institutions.

Northeastern Illinois University is a student-centered teaching institution focused on our students' academic, analytical, problem-solving, and career development. We encourage student research and scholarly activities through one-on-one faculty contact and mentoring.


Future Students

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