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Center for Academic Writing

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Academic Writing

The Center for Academic Writing is the home of the Writing Intensive Program (WIP) and provides support to both faculty and students at NEIU. CAW was founded in October 2007 with the award of a U.S. Department of Education Title V grant.

Support for Faculty

CAW provides workshops and consultations to departments and faculty who are developing and teaching WIP courses or who are interested in integrating writing into any course. Faculty can contact the director of CAW, Kate Hahn, at or (773) 442-4490 for more information.

Support for Students

CAW provides peer tutoring for students who are enrolled in WIP courses that have WIP peer tutors affiliated with them. Students in WIP courses should speak with their instructors or contact CAW at (773) 442-4492 for more information.

Writing Intensive Program (WIP)

The Writing Intensive Program is comprised of undergraduate courses across the curriculum that fulfill the writing intensive graduation requirement. Undergraduate students must successfully complete a writing intensive (WIP) course of at least 3 credit hours within their discipline in order to graduate. Students should speak with their advisor to learn which course(s) will fulfill the WIP graduation requirement for their major.

WIP courses are content courses that are designed to help students master the course content, learn about writing in their chosen discipline, and improve their writing skills. CAW provides peer tutoring for students enrolled in WIP courses. WIP peer tutors are selected by their departments and are hired and trained by CAW to provide support to students working on writing assignments in WIP courses. Students should speak with the instructor of their WIP course and/or contact the CAW for information about WIP peer tutoring.

CAW Staff

Kate Hahn, Director

Erin Higgins, Coordinator

Writing Intensive Faculty Advisory Committee (WIFAC)

The Writing Intensive Faculty Advisory Committee (WIFAC) is comprised of nine members representing constituencies on campus connected to WIP courses. Members are nominated by department chairs and appointed by FCAA to serve two-year terms. WIFAC reviews WIP course proposals to make recommendations to FCAA regarding course approval and serves in an advisory capacity to the director of CAW.


CAW is located on the fourth floor of the Ronald Williams Library. CAW has a large, flexible space and two small conference rooms predominately dedicated to the WIP peer tutor program and its activities.

Center for Academic Writing

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T (773) 442-4492

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